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Glow Booster

Glow Booster

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Glow Booster (formerly known as Magical Glow Booster or MGB) is a potent brightening cream that is free from mercury and hydroquinone, making it the ultimate addition to your daily skincare routine. The cream has a thick consistency and it needs to be mixed with your own moisturizer or body lotion. 

For Face & Body

Whitening, Moisturising, Repairing


  • Grape extract
  • Grape Seed Oil (Non-comedogenic oil)
  • Glutathione
  • Vitamin A, C & E
  • Hyaluronic Acid

Benefits :

• Even skin tone

• Restore skin moisture

• Lighten & remove scars

• Stop itchiness caused by eczema

• Repair dry skin




For normal & Dry skin: Use once daily after cleansing your face and body (Before bedtime)

For combination & sensitive skin: Use it 2/3 times weekly with a day gap. (Example: Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Take a small amount of cream and place it onto your palm, mix it with your own moisturizer or body lotion before applying it onto your skin. Remember, since it is potent, a little goes a long way! 

Tips: Use a lightweight moisturizer / body lotion for it to be absorbed well.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
I was skeptical but so glad it works!

My skin has become so glowy my friends and family have complimented my skin. I used to have a few dark spots and scar because I like to pick my pimples, but now am not worried anymore. This will always be in my skin care routine now! Please do discontinueee!

Farah Faizul
It really works!

I've been struggling with facial scars caused by picking at my pimples. I tried several skincare products, but nothing seemed to work. However, I'm extremely pleased with my recent purchase. Not only are my scars fading, but my family has also been complimenting me on how my skin glows.

Repeat customer here!

I’ve been using this for years and it has lighten my scars and brightened my complexion. Will continue using this. It also helps with my eczema.

This works like no other

My skin has become brighter, scars faded and my skin literally looks glowy. I like how I can mix it with my current moisturiser